Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Others

There are some notable 'others' that haven't had their pics posted yet, our felines.

Howl is our 5 year old male Persian. He grew up with 2 Jack Russell Terriers, and he ruled over them with an iron paw. He has no issues with Haru. He tolerates her antics and puts her in her place when she goes overboard.

Howl is a master of the 'ambushing-iron-paw' move. It basically involves him sitting either on the sofa or living room table feigning sleep, only to suddenly paw slap innocent passers by. One day I will have to capture it on video.

He is a no nonsense laid back dude who never caused any trouble until recently when our ginger tabby Muta started to 'come into his own'. He follows him around and whines at him. Howl spends most of his 24hours every day sleeping.

Pookie is a stray we picked up near the park around 100m from our house. My wife was walking back from the super market, and Pookie came running out to her. We had a bit of drama when she arrived as Howl was scared of her at first, and she had mites. The wife ended up having allergic reactions to them, but that cleared up when the mites were taken care of.

Pookie was probably around 2 months old when we found her, and is now around a year old. She is the most intolerant of our cats toward dogs. She's extremely attached to me as she pretty much grew up on my shoulder.

Muta is my wife's baby prince. She loooooves him. Probably more than she loves me, and she believes he's better looking. He is a nearly one year old ginger tabby that was born in a shed at a friend's house. He was pretty much abandoned by his mother, and the humans that lived in the house were planning on taking this flea infested kitty on a 'long ride'. He was the most flea infested kitten I have ever seen. There were so many fleas on him he looked sort of gray. I spent the better part of the first day with him killing hundreds of fleas.

We went through a few names with him before finally settling on Muta. He adores my wife, is pretty well behaved (but loves to charge around the house in the middle of the night with Pookie), and is getting pretty big. He is not fond of dogs. He actually seems to go out of his way to find Haru, get in her way, and puff himself up while hissing/growling. That and when she's crated he'll go sit near her crate and growl on occasion.

We had a breakthrough in that department earlier today. A poor wolf spider wandered into the house somehow, drawing the attentions of first Muta, then Pookie. They were so fixated on it, they didn't realize they were playing right next to the vicious monster hyena (who was happily chewing on a toy). When they did realize Haru was there, the spider seemed more interesting than hissing at the pup.

So, now all I need is a jar full of spiders to help my pets bond.


  1. I'm glad the spider story didn't come with pictures.

  2. Man, regular barnyard you have there.