Thursday, May 21, 2009


I did manage to spend the afternoon out and about with Haru. First we went to our favorite marsh for a walk, and as expected, Haru decided to play in the mud. She also managed to inadvertently flush some ducks which shocked her and sent her running back toward me.

We worked on her recall at the marsh, she's doing great by the way. After that we headed down to the beach park to find some canine buddies to socialize with.

As expected, we ran into a lot of dogs, and Haru's getting much better about the whole thing. She made friends with a Rottie today, he was a very handsome albeit small Rott named Chibi. Now if only we could find some real play buddies to run around with.

At the marsh Haru gets to run around off leash. At the beach park she runs around on a 18m leash.

Well she's thoroughly tuckered out now, sleeping soundly under my chair.


  1. duck flushing - how fun!

    Haru looks to be a fantastic hunting partner in the making! Glad her recall is coming along nicely!

  2. Great pics! Kona has pretty good recall too, I find Kai to be more willing to please than the other Shika Inu (and Shiba lol).