Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, I'd never watched Ginga Densetsu Weed. I'm not really a big fan of anime, though I am partial to Ghibli stuff.

Today I had a Sunday off, which never happens, so I took Haru out for some socialization. She tries to avoid other dogs at all costs, her hair stands on end and she just wants to head the other way.

The other day I broke her in introducing her to Marimo, and the Lab we met out of the pack in the mountains she did alright with as well.

There's a large beachside park nearby where just about every Sunday they have various frisbee dog groups training their dogs or having competitions. Most of the dogs there are herding dogs, so there's a lot of barking going on. Not the best of weather today, overcast and very windy. Not raining though, so we headed out.

When we got out of the car we could already hear the dogs barking. Haru was a little nervous, but today she was actually interested in going toward the barking. We stayed at the edge of the field for a while, and she edged as close as she was comfortable with and sat down in the grass. I sat down there as well chucking her treats and playing a little bit. She went into a 'down' and we were sitting there for the better part of an hour before her tail finally went up, and she started walking around taking in all the scents.

By this time the frisbee training was in full swing, and Haru started getting very interested in the dogs and frisbees flying around. She still didn't want to get too close though, and moved away whenever someone walking a dog came close. There was an older dog tied up to a tree, and after watching him for around 30minutes, Haru actually pulled me over to say hello. He was very well mannered and just gave a few sniffs and sat back down. After that she started looking for dogs to say hello to, and actually played with a little white Spitz.

We went for a walk around the rest of the park, and came back to the frisbee area at the end. Haru was fine with the whole scene, played with some more dogs, so on that positive note we headed home. I wouldn't venture so far as to say she's totally comfortable with other dogs, but we made a lot of headway today in just 3 hours and a bag of treats.

She's doing great in the car now. Doesn't seem to be getting sick, and waits in the car very well. She has decided that she wants to be a lap dog, in the car and in my office at home as well. She surprised me tonight leaping up into my lap to give me the full frontal lick attack.

Anyway, tonight after crating her I ran out of things to do and came across Ginga Densetsu Weed on Youtube. I got sucked in watching them, and just finished episode 13. It's time for bed now. I will say though that they're kind of fun. If you're a dog lover/anime lover you'll probably enjoy it.

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