Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another day

Forgot to add, found out at the vet yesterday that Haru is already 8kg! I was pretty surprised to find out. Was thinking she was still around 5. Most dogs end up weighing double their weight at 4 months I think, and she's still a week away from 4 months...

Her mom is just over 10kg, and pop is just under 20. Hmmmm must buy new batteries for the scale here at home.

Oh, for all you who don't know how to count in grams, 8kg=17.6lb

So many things to add to the 'must buy' list. Need to pick up a new gate to section off the cat area so she stops trying to treat herself to kitty brownies. Need to get her rabies shots done next month, also have to register her with the local council this week. Need to get her registered at the Kaiken Aigokai as well. Microchip is on the list, GPS collar is on the list, there's actually a lot of other hunting related expenses as well.

Meh, I don't have kids, and all my hobbies are damn cheap (since most of them involve running around in the middle of nowhere), it'll all work out.

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