Thursday, May 14, 2009


So out of the blue a friend of mine called me last night at around 9. He'd asked ages ago if I could pet sit his dog. She's a very well behaved laid back pup. Kind of a contradiction of sorts seeing as she's a Pom.

Well I said sure, so Marimo stayed over here at our place last night and all day today. Haru exhibited her usual interest/unsureness for around 5 seconds, then realized canine friends are fun.

Like I said, Marimo is very well behaved, and actually doesn't play very much. She's patient though, and allowed Haru to do her Tigger impersonation. When Haru went over the top she would correct her. All in all an excellent first play date for a pup.

And now the great news. I didn't take any pictures or video. Truth be told I was just being lazy. I promise to make it up tomorrow as Haru and I are heading to the mountains for my day off.

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