Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More from today

Well Haru has settled down a bit tonight, but most of the day she wasn't very happy with the cats. Every time they'd make any noise around the house she'd start growling.

It all started when she was napping under my chair while I was working on the computer. Pookie decided to strategically knock a few items off the desk onto Haru. Now I know it's far fetched, but I have to say it looked pretty suspicious.

Haru freaked out and ran off to the bedroom where my wife was. After that the growling started. Looks like she's over it now, cause when I got home from work the canine/feline truce was back in effect.

She did however have her first accident in the house. Unfortunately, I have to again give credit where credit is due. I really shouldn't complain about my dear wife's inability to figure out what makes animals tick, but sometimes I'm in awe.

I mentioned we needed to get Haru used to walking on leash a bit better, and not just let her run around on the property when she goes out to do her business. So a couple hours later while I'm at work, my wife takes her out. Of course little princess Haru was unhappy about being on leash and decided not to do anything. My wife brought her back inside, and when a little while later heard Haru whining and stomping around in the kitchen, thought that she was just making a racket.

A few minutes later there was a nice turd sitting in front of the fridge.

I gave my wife a hard time about it. She probably didn't deserve it. Since I'm at work most of the time she's been taking care of Haru, and even pampers me when I get home. I don't think she knows this blog address, but baby if you are reading this, thank you for everything.

The picture in this post is one I took last month of the Sakura at night being illuminated by a ballpark down the street from my house.

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