Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Kai addition

Yesterday my nearly 2 year search for the 'right' Kai pup finally ended. To be precise the search ended when I met Inoue-san and his Kai, but I finally picked up my Kai pup yesterday.

It was a 3 hour round trip that ended up taking a fair bit longer as she got a little car sick on the way. But here she is, none the worse for wear, an absolutely gorgeous aka-tora Kai out of Inoue-so in Saitama.

I've been around the Japanese breeds a lot over the past couple years, but I just realized yesterday that I hadn't been around very many puppies at all. It was amusing, and still is, to see all that Nihonken attitude packed in puppy size. I absolutely adore her already, and my wife agrees that she's the best puppy we've had to date.

She's wary, but inquisitive and not at all shy. She loves people, a bit iffy on non Kai dogs at the moment. I think they're all foreign to her as the only other dogs she's ever seen are Kai. She's been great with our 3 cats, giving them their space and pretty much just walks up to sniff and then she's done. Not much interest there though the cats are acting like it's the end of the world.

I've promised to show her at the Kai Ken Aigokai Tenrankai in October, so that should be interesting. She's a 'beeru-bin' (beer bottle) red which is pretty rare, and as she gets older the brindling should get even more defined.

She's our beautiful little wild thing and her name is Haru.


  1. She's perfect! Congrats!!

  2. Thanks! I'm crazy about her, and just wish I still worked out of my house like I used to so I could be with her all day.