Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fiddling with the blog

Thanks for the comment on the banner, Rina.

I got bored last night when I got home and decided to fiddle with the blog layout a bit.
I'm in the middle of 3 days off (which NEVER happens), so I'm enjoying it immensely. It's also convenient because my wife's not around for the next week and a half, so I can try to keep Haru from going nuts alone all day.

The wife's decided to take a holiday... in Australia. I haven't even been back to Oz since I moved over here nearly 10 years ago.

Well the first and second day she was gone Haru peed in her crate. I can't blame her for not being able to hold it the entire time I'm at work. I'm annoyed I wasn't able to work something better out for her, but it's only those first two days that she'll be alone all day like that.

Interesting development: I feed Haru in a small x-pen with a tray underneath so she doesn't make a mess. I have a couple toilet sheets down in there too to soak up spilled water. She's decided the back end of the pen makes a nice toilet. So now when she's loose in the house, if at any time she needs to do her business between walks, she just heads there. Very nice.

Haru's been doing well, been getting more active and athletic by the day. She's still frustrated the cats won't play with her, but she now redirects toward me when they run off. Am working on her whining when I leave the house, and being more excited about walks around the neighborhood.

Will get some more pics and video up here in a bit. It's a beautiful day today so once I'm done with some shopping I'll head out with Haru for some fresh air.

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