Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Beach

So today we made the 3 hour drive to hang out with my youngest brother and his family. His two little girls are growing so fast, I was afraid I'd been missing too much of it.

We decided to head out to the beach. Was a beautiful sunny day today, but a bit on the windy side. Haru did great with the girls, and everyone else we met today. The other day some of our other nieces and nephews dropped by and Haru did well at first, but got excited and started charging around the house at the end.

Today went much better. Katie and Kristina had been waiting all morning for the puppy and were very well behaved with her. Haru gave them a few licks here and there, and of course stole their shovel numerous times.

A Lab showed up and Haru was interested, but stayed close to us giving him a few warning barks. I really need to set up some play dates for her.

All in all, a great day. On the way back we even made a pit stop at one of my hunting spots to let her get out and sniff. She got really excited when we found some boar tracks. Haru seems to be getting over her car sickness which is great.

We just got home, and while the humans are all tuckered out, the canine and felines here are definitely not. Here's a few pics from today.

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