Thursday, December 23, 2010

And I'm Back

So my break was rather short lived... a month and a touch?

Time heals all things, and apparently in my old age I'm healing faster. It's been a crazy year, probably the toughest (not sure if I should say worst) I've experienced yet, but the good news is that there is only another week left. What more could go wrong right? KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Christmas is around the corner and I even broke out our sad little tree. I've got a boar leg brining, a duck marinading (and a back up chicken in case I fail), apple crumble, mash potatoes, and some other tasties in the works. For a guy who was doing his best to ignore Christmas, I've been thoroughly infected with Christmas cheer.

I'd like to say everything's been good while I've been blog silent, but in the interim period I lost Momo to a traffic accident while we were hunting. She's been sorely missed and for a while there I thought I was going to lose it. Baron and Haru are fine, but without Momo we've had a rough hunting season so far.

Bygones. Life flows on and I must make the most of it.

Hit the mountains hard yesterday with a friend and my youngest brother. My friend brought his litter of Kishu pups, littermates to a female that went to Gen in the states. They got to play around a bit, and since we pulled in a boar yesterday, they got their first whiff of boar skin. I think these girls will make great hunters. There are still 4 females available in the litter.