Monday, October 18, 2010

Running Around

Did some more running around yesterday, dropped by the Nippo Santama regional, visited a friend's kennel, and dropped by Inoue-san's kennel as well.

I snapped a few pictures at the regional, but at first glance didn't really like the pictures I saw. I wasn't really into the dogs, probably because none of my usual pals were showing. I hung out with the Kai owners, had some great curry made by 'Takariku' (thanks again!)  I told him a mutual friend is coming over to the fall Aigokai Tenrankai, so looks like he'll be making it a point to attend as well.

I swung through Tokyo on my way back home, dropping by another friend's house for dinner. It was another long day with lots of miles in it.

Tora, a 4 month old male. Sort of sitting right on the line between aka and chu-tora.


2 month old male, no name yet. Kuro-tora, very butch. It's hard to tell from pictures, but he's a little tank, thick boned, very wide masculine face.


Hana, a female kuro-tora.


Another pic of the 2 month old male.


Tora again.



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