Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun Blog Gadgets

So I'm just killing time for a few minutes till I take the pups to the vet, and I came across a bunch of new (or maybe I just wasn't paying attention) features. There's all sorts of stats about how many page views the blog's had, where the traffic came from.

What I really got a kick out of was the search words people have used to find the blog. Most were no brainers: kai ken, tora inu, blogger, etc. But No.4 was 'how to tell if you really have a kai ken tora dog'. Why anyone searching that would get pointed to my blog, god only knows. Maybe I should write about it :)

Oh yeah, another discovery. I've discovered my wife checks my blog. A lot.


  1. lol, funny things take ppl to blogs. A search word that gets the most hits on my blog is moyashi (go figure).

  2. Hey man, I check it during my daily blog rounds. Also, if I need to see a cute picture of a puppy.

  3. good idea! i come to blog with that process.
    Nice Blog :P