Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nippo Kanagawa Regional (2010)

While rifling through my SD cards I realized I hadn't posted these pictures yet either. They're from the Nihon Ken Hozonkai Kanagawa branch fall Tenrankai. It was the fall/autumn show, but it was blistering out there, making it absolutely nasty for man and beast alike. Still had an enjoyable day though.

This is a friend of mine showing one of his female Shikoku. It's a littermate of a female that went to the States named 'Koshi'.



Another friend's Shikoku male 'Koto', looking stunning as always.


Random Shikoku shot.


A typical shot of a Kai at a Nippo event. Well maybe that's exaggerating, they don't always look so forlorn. But perhaps always sitting at the bottom of the Nippo totem pole takes its toll?


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