Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And We're Back

After a month without the internet, I'm back in my comfort zone surfing the web and getting work done. I can now stop driving into town to look for wifi. I actually ended up subscribing to a wifi hotspot provider that runs a network of wireless spots in McDonald's. I started showing up there so much I think they must have thought I'm a crazed fan of fast food.

The weather's finally cooled down, our move is done, the dogs have an outdoor kennel, and hunting season is almost here. We've been getting out to the mountains every now and again, and it looks like it's going to be a fun season. The dogs are much happier with the change in temperature. Appetites are back, which is great because Baron was wasting away. Momo's heat ended a while ago, but for some reason Haru's hasn't come yet. It's a couple weeks late now.

On Monday I went up to Yamanashi to pick up some Kai pups, and I just snapped a couple pictures, so here you go. A kuro-tora female, and a chu-tora male. They're loving the yard, I just had to rig up some fencing so they wouldn't terrorize the cats.






  1. They are such cuties! I can't wait to have a Kai pup for my-self ... one day maybe :)

  2. So cute. And so tiny! That shoe is so much bigger than that puppy.

  3. Yeah these two are SMALL. Still under the 3kg mark. Now that they're here I'm busy fattening them up.