Sunday, June 14, 2009


So just got back from the vet. Haru just got her legally required rabies vaccination.

She was excellent there again, and was quite happy there were other dogs there today. She was disappointed however that there's no playing at the vet's office.

Also picked up her heartworm meds for the month.

Haru now weighs in at 10.3kg, and is getting a bit more leggy. Vet was surprised at how 'built' she is.

Gotta head out to work now. At least tomorrow is my day off. I'm going to Inoue-So to pick up Haru's Aigokai registration papers and give Inoue-san a look at how she's grown.

If I have time in the morning I'm going to try to catch the NBA finals. Must find someone's house to crash seeing as I don't have satellite.

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