Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Finally a break from the rain, AND I have two days off. Us three (wife/Haru/me) went out to get some sun.

Haru's leash walk needs a lot of improvement, but at least she doesn't pull. There is a lot of stopping to sniff and wandering around.

I think because of the fact that Haru was born and spent her first 3 months in a kennel, she was not very happy about leaving our property for walks. For the first few weeks she'd continue stopping/looking back as well as trying to head back home any chance she got.

She came home with us at 12 weeks, which was probably not optimal. However my hat's off to her breeder, Inoue-san, for doing an excellent job with his breeding program and socializing her. So far the few little quirks in her reactions to things have been easy to work out.

Inoue-san works on quite a few things with his pups to get them ready for their new homes. Most of them are small things, but can make all the difference.

Things like having as many neighbors and friends as possible play with the pups and treat them. Acclimatizing them to loud noises, wearing collars, vehicles, and coming when called. The mother and pups are penned with other adult 'nannies' to learn canine manners etc.

I'm sure there are other things I haven't noticed, but all in all, Haru came to us as a VERY well behaved puppy. I'm starting to run out of 'problems' to fix.

Oh well, there's always more hunting training to work on. I'll probably head out with her to the mountains in the morn.

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