Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog Run Take 2

Had some translating to do in Tokyo yesterday, and took Haru with me for the ride. There's a nice new dog run at a park nearby, so we headed out there for another go at the dog run.

Last time out we didn't actually go inside as she didn't have her rabies shot yet, and I figured it was probably better to get used to the atmosphere first. Haru's been making great progress in learning that other dogs are fun.

For the first few weeks she was with us any scent/sound/view of a dog would make her head for home. She basically wanted to avoid contact. After a few trips to parks and areas where there were a lot of dogs around, she got used to the idea of them being nearby, but if a dog came up to actually say hello her tail would drop and she would move into avoidance.

After a few more weeks of work, she'd gotten to where she was fine with being approached by well mannered dogs, but lunging tail waggers she was not happy with. She was also not initiating contact, she'd just perk up when she'd notice another dog and watch what they were doing.

Last trip to the park, she was fine getting close to the dog run, but still shy about being approached by multiple dogs, or dogs larger than her. She has an interesting reaction to annoying dogs though. She runs a few feet away, and if they keep coming she just plops her but down on the ground and sits there till they get bored and go away.

Well yesterday we slowly worked through all that through the course of the afternoon. At the end of the day I was elated to watch her approaching dogs to play, playing chase, and dealing very well with even the more troublesome (snarky, agressive, in your face) dogs. All the other owners at the run loved her and surprisingly most of them knew she was a Kai. Of course there were a few misconceptions floating around with the most popular being that she would grow up to be huge dog.

Haru dealt with a few harrowing spots, getting charged by a Lab, and getting chased around the run by a lot of dogs to name a few. She actually let out a yelp and was a bit shook up after the chase...for all of around 5 seconds. Then it was back to play.

All in all a great day. I apologize for the lack of spam, but keeping an eye on the dogs was a full time job. We'll probably go again soon, and I should be able to get some pics or vid then. Haru has a new BFF, a cream Shiba male named 'Latte'. They get on great and he's such a cute little stud.

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