Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boy Scouts-- Part 1

Yesterday was the first day of my two day 'weekend'. Slipped out of bed, grabbed Haru, some rain gear/boots, fishing gear, the D40, and my video camera. Headed south toward my hunting area.

I wanted to get some pics/vid of the wildlife if possible, and get some exercise with Haru. But life is ironic.

First 'wildlife' we came across was a roadkill duck. I pulled over, checked it, buried it. The rain had let up during the night, but I was ready just in case. I try to be ready for any eventuality, but I got a bit lazy and decided not to lug out my hunting case. It has most of my 'gear' in it, lots of useful outdoors stuff. Well at least I brought the shovel, it came in handy.

Had a fun march through the hills, it's been raining for a few days, so testing weather for tracking. Looked like a large group of pigs had been in the area a few days before but moved on. The deer in Chiba prefecture have been increasing in number for a while now, and steadily marching northward as they do. There was a sighting in my area last season, but I haven't seen any scat or tracks yet.

Decided to move further south where the deer are thick to get some footage. Thanks to the recently changed weather the animals were out and about, but so were the parasites. The ticks were everywhere. I could see them dangling on the tips of leaves waiting for a meal. Haru and I were both dosed down with anti-bug, but as a precaution we both had a good shower the moment we got back. So far no ticks on either of us. Leeches on the other hand...

Through the course of the day I pulled 4 leeches off myself. I would have taken some pics, but only had the telephoto lens on me and couldn't get it far enough away to take them. That and when I find a leech on myself, removing them quickly is the only thing on my mind. I forgot my anti-tick/leech tights. They're very sexy camo tights, and I pulled a doh and forgot them.

Well I'm taking the wife out for sushi, so will post part 2 of this blog later. It again involves my hardy USM shovel.

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