Monday, May 3, 2010

Nippo Kanto Rengo

So went to the Nippo Kanto Event today. Crazy traffic on the way, around 40km to be exact. We've just entered 'Golden Week' which is a week or so of holidays here in Japan. Beautiful weather though, it actually got T-shirt hot. This is the last Nippo event till autumn rolls around.

Since the Nikon is functional again my wife ran around snapping pictures. I was busy with dog stuff most of the day, so I'm happy she tagged along. I think this is like the second time I've gotten her to come along to a Japanese dog breed event.

I was so busy greeting/talking to friends, and looking at pups that I missed most of the showing. We got to see a lot of Kai as there are quite a few breeders in the area. Fun day, and there's another Kai pup in the house. For now anyway. She's the cutest pup I've seen in ages, and I've totally fallen in love with her temperament.





  1. Oh, I love that second one. Is that a Kai or a Shikoku?

  2. Kishu up top, Shikoku second, Kai pups last.