Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haru and I

Had just finished walking the dogs yesterday when my wife whipped out the camera to snap a few pics of Haru and I. I've got loads of pictures of dogs, but seeing as I'm always behind the camera I have almost none WITH my dogs.

I guess that's pretty much the case with everyone and their dogs, but I figured it would be nice for me to have some pics with me in them as well :P Going to take some more pics with the Kishu later. Baron just blew his coat and looks god awful. I wanted to take a video of the shedding to show you how nuts it was, but didn't get around to it. For some reason Haru's never done a full blown blow like that. Her coat changes are much more subdued.





  1. I know exactly how that is... I have a ton of pictures OF my baby... but none of me WITH my baby.

  2. second'll be like we never even existed! Something about the hat/sweater/boots makes you look like a brit