Sunday, April 25, 2010


Finally some nice weather and the day off! After much thought I loaded up all three dogs into the Jimny. It's kinda crowded, but at least all my dogs are well behaved in cars. The main purpose for taking the dogs out was to see how they are when solo, so I walked one at a time. Ended up doing nearly 20km, but it was worth it. A beautiful day out in the mountains with the dogs.

Took a bit of video, but be warned that I filmed while walking so prepare for motion sickness. All the dogs did great and are coming along nicely. We didn't come across any boar as they were not where I'd expect them to be.

Had a bit of drama at the end of the day with Momo and Haru. Momo jumped Haru as she does every so often. Funny thing is that Momo always seems to come out worse for it as the cut above her eye attests. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work with Momo to solve her dog aggression issues. If she were a house pet it would not be a problem, but as a hunting dog that is let loose in the mountains it is a liability. Rather than saying she's dog aggressive I chalk it up to lack of socialization. She doesn't greet dogs well for the first time, and actually gets up in their face. The other issue is that she's definitely not used to having other dogs around her food or things she considers valuable, and that is where the problems with Haru kick in. Either way, will put in a bit more work and see if this can't be fixed.

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