Friday, April 9, 2010

Kai Ken Aigokai Tenrankai Spring 2010

So last Sunday was the Spring Tenrankai (exhibition) of the Kai Ken Aigokai (preservation society?). It's held every year in Yamanashi prefecture on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of October.

This year was my first time showing a dog there, Haru made her debut. I get a lot of mixed reviews on her. She's a gorgeous dog, very sound and extremely athletic, but has a few flaws. Regardless I decided for her sake and mine to show her this year. The weather cooperated and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. There were just over 160 Kai entered, with many more there to watch the show.

A couple from Oregon who've been looking for Kai pups managed to arrange their schedules so they could come to the show, and we had a grand time together. Everyone loved having the 'gaijin' (foreigners) there and many stopped to talk with them and take pictures. We even had the judges coming over to talk and look at the pups that were going over to the States. They were very impressed by the male pup that was going over, with one gentleman even asking if Kaito was for sale.

Inoue-san (Haru's breeder) returned the overall champion banner that his male Riki won last Fall at the opening ceremony, and another friend of mine who's female Tsuki finished second to Riki returned the Terada trophy cup. Inoue-san had a wonderful time introducing the foreigners to everyone, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.

Haru was entered in the juvenile female category against 20 other bitches, and ended up in 12th place. I had a good laugh as after the morning 'kotai shinsa' (conformation check) I randomly guessed she'd be 12th, but if we were lucky maybe 10th. All in all it was a great experience for both man and beast, with Haru doing exceptionally well in the ring. She's usually very energetic and it's hard to get her to do her 'stand', but as soon as we were in the ring she got right into her groove. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am seriously hooked now. Just thinking about the fall show gets me excited.

So without further ado, here are some pictures. I didn't take any pictures or video this show as I was busy with Haru and running around translating. These pictures and video are courtesy of my new friends from Oregon. Good luck with the pups! I'm now catching up on all the sleep I missed out on for the past 2 months. Here at my place we're now back down to 3 dogs, Haru, Baron and Momo. Haru and Momo are both coming out of heat and not a moment too soon.







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  1. We want to thank you for a wonderful time. We enjoyed the spring Tenrankai very much and feel very lucky to have been invited. I will always remember the exciting and wonderful feeling I had to be around so many beautiful Kai and their proud and devoted owners. It really expanded my view and understanding of the Kai; they are a true treasure and deserve that respect.

    To top it all off we were blessed with an invitation to a tasty lunch provided by Inoue-san and his wonderful family. I still cannot get over the fact that Inoue-san actually gave us the award he won to take home to the States as a souvenir of our visit to the Kai Ken Aigokai Tenrankai Spring 2010. I was already thrilled with just being able to take back a puppy from his kennel sired by Riki. Everyone was so nice and friendly to us foreigners making us feel welcome and special; it was a totally perfect day I will always remember.

    I only wish I took some pictures of you and Haru that turned out; you both looked great out in the ring together. It is hard to believe that it was Haru’s debut she looked like a champ in her stand. I am glad for both you and Haru to hear you are ready to show at the fall Tenrankai she is gorgeous.

    I did enjoy meeting Haru and Baron they are very sweet and good looking. Haru was the second Kai I have ever seen until the Tenrankai. I can’t even believe this but thanks to you my husband, my nephew Jonathan, and I are very fortunate, I am thinking it is highly likely that we had the opportunity to see and mingle with more Kai and Kai owners than anyone else in the United States. It was an amazing experience that I hope others Kai lovers have the chance to experience. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and hospitality you gave my family and I.

    The puppies Mai Tai and Kaito are doing great here in Oregon we love them and so does everyone else that sees them. They are cute, smart, have wonderful personalities and excellent temperaments I could not even dream of better pups. You went well over my expectations in finding us the perfect puppies to fit our desires. They are all I asked for plus. I just don’t know how we ever got so lucky, Thank you so much.

    Thanks for sharing the video of Haru and Baron at feeding time. It is a great visual of the goal I now have for Mai Tai, Kaito and Kailee.

    Your friends in Oregon,
    Kim and Rob