Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kai Puppies

Went to look at a litter of pups today as I'm thinking of adding another Kai to our pack. These pups were sired by an aka-tora (red brindle) male, and chu-tora (medium brindle) female. The sire is from a kennel that shows and hunts with their Kai.








  1. I am green with envy. By the time I get my first pup you'll have more than the Andersons lol.

    Did you decide to get a pup from this litter? They're so cute.

  2. If they didn't eat, poop, and grow up, I'd buy one in every colour. They the most adorable puppies.

  3. I've made an offer on the litter, we'll just see where it goes. I asked for the pup that the breeder was planning to keep, the pup with the red collar, haha. I think she has a very nicely balanced face, and she's got nice strong body lines. Also liked her coat and temperament. The pup with the pink collar is a close second in my opinion.

  4. Offer on a litter? Or just one pup? :-)

  5. Meaning, will there be spare going out of the country?

  6. Well one pup is staying at the breeder's, so that leaves two. Of the five in the litter one female went to my friend's kennel. If I can manage I'd like to to have more than one out of the litter, but I'm not sure it's possible. Will just have to wait and see. If I'd heard about this breeding sooner I would have been all over it, but it seems that the sire's kennel is very particular about where these pups go, so they were keeping it hush hush.

  7. Hi Walrus,
    I live in Saitama prefecture with my wife and kids.
    I am an experienced dog trainer and handler.
    I've been desperately searching for Kai Ken pup since about 2 years ago. My wife is Japanese and she searched in Japanese but without any hopes of finding one pup for purchase. We don't care how high the price would be, please point us out in the right direction. Could you give us breeder's contact info? Truck loads of thanks. Tony

  8. Hello, Tony!

    Thanks for the comment.

    I'd be happy to introduce you to a breeder. My Kai Haru's breeder is in Saitama, and I definitely recommend their Kai.

    Send me an email and I we can sort out the details. My address is

  9. hi im looking for one of these dogs and I would like to know how much they cost. Can anyone tell me?

    1. It depends where you are located. Here in Japan, between 50,000 - 150,000 yen are the average prices. In the United States, I believe somewhere in the vicinity of 800 - 1500 USD. I'm not sure about Europe as there are not very many breeders there.