Monday, March 22, 2010

New Kishu

So I know my blog is titled Tora Inu, but I've gotten another Kishu. She's a 3 year old female Kishu. Her previous owner decided he wasn't going to hunt, so though she's not a 'finished' dog, she's had some experience on pigs. I haven't taken her out yet but from what I've seen her drive is off the hook.

Had a bit of drama picking her up at the airport. She tore up the crate she was in leaving her in a sorry state, a few cracked teeth, and one lost molar. She doesn't do well being confined at all. She tried to chew through a doorway the other day. She's had very little socialization or training (by my standards anyway) but we're taking it day by day. Mainly I have to be comfortable with letting her loose in the mountains, so most of the training revolves around that.

She's not in the greatest of shape, had a bad UTI and is a bit haggard, so I'm working on bulking her up. She's not the greatest with dogs she meets, but I managed to work through the first few days and now her and Baron are best buddies. She does well with Haru as well, but they don't play as much. Course it may have to do with Haru going into heat and pulling Momo into heat as well.

Things are going crazy here at the moment. I've got the usual gang of Haru/Baron and now Momo, plus the Kai pups. Loads of fun, but loads of work.

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  1. Between you and Brad I am completely lost at what's going on with your doggy lives lol. Stop adding dogs so quick and write more :P