Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Boys

So we've got 2 temporary additions to the pack. These two little brothers were born in Shizuoka prefecture on December 30th. Their sire is Tone-no-Isshin a past tenrankai overall winner. Their mother comes from some famous lines as well.

Now as to why they're here temporarily, while I will be adding more Kai in the future, at least one of these pups is going overseas. They'll be here for around a month, and Haru and Baron are doing great as baby sitters.

Most of the work I do now involves translation and import/export. Since I've been receiving a lot of correspondence from overseas about exporting Nihon Ken, finding available pups is beginning to take up a good portion of my time. I'm definitely not complaining as being around dogs 24/7 is alright by me.

Course with these new boys around my sleep schedule has gone to the dogs (lame pun intended). They're lively little ones, very outgoing and friendly toward people and dogs. They are as yet un-named so I just call them 'chibi' (lil' one), and they both respond to that. I slept with them in their little enclosure the first night, but they're doing fine sleeping on their own now.

All the pups in this litter were very similar in type/size/temperament. It was really difficult to pick 2 out. There were 4 boys and 1 girl and luckily I had first pick. They are kuro-tora, but their brindling is already slightly visible, and it will mostly increase as they get older.

Of the two boys, one looks thinner, but I've realized that he's actually taller and longer than his brother. He has more brindling, a slightly thinner head, thinner more erect tail, but wider muzzle.

The other pup was I thought the better of the two pups at first, but after seeing them for a week I think they're pretty even. This pup is thicker all around, wide head, darker coloration, thicker tail, thinner muzzle, and a little shorter than his brother.

Temperament wise, they're both pretty similar, outgoing, energetic, fearless. However I think the thicker pup pays a bit more attention to people, while the thinner one likes other dogs attention more.

Almost forgot, the thicker pup has a patch of around 10 white hairs on his chest.

I apologize for the picture quality, they were taken on a mobile.


  1. Nice corn stalk camo jacket. Are they going to who I think they are? If so that is awsome.