Friday, September 25, 2009


Looks like I won't be entering Haru in the Kai Ken Aigokai Tenrankai this time round. After a kibble switch, her coat's gone dry and a bit haywire. Over the past week or so she's chewed a few spots on her sides, and I don't think it'll heal in the next month.

I've gone back to feeding her cooked, our kibble experiment didn't go so well. I've been throwing raw treats in every now and again, and she loves them. A bit too much actually.

Dropped by the Chiba-ken Nippo Regional the other day, took a bit of video. No pics as the Nikon is still sidelined, but I will try and upload the footage soon.

Autumn is in full gear, the weather is nice and cool, perfect for getting out and about. Also prime tick season. Seem to be bringing quite a few of them home. Frontline is keeping them under control, but of course doesn't kill them instantly, so we find a lot of half dead ticks around the house after our trips.

Had a good hike in the rain last week, loads of fun. Worked with Haru on the 'no chickens' policy. She's learned that she's not allowed to chase chickens, and will pretty much give up chase on anything I call her off of. The one exception being cats. She really has it in for cats. Any cats that are not her cats anyway.

I need to fix the Nikon, and a new video camera would be nice. I long for the days when I used to have free access to professional filming equipment...

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  1. For the kibble, Akira never did well on kibble, any kind of kibble for that matter. I've realised why this week: He's intolerant to gluten and gluten is necessary to manufacture kibble by extrusion.

    It took a while for the full-blown effects of gluten intolerence to show. We only realised the problem when he had lost a lot of fur, became very thin and had weird spots on his belly. Since I've switched him to raw, his coat is much healthier, he regained weight, stop scratching, licking and farting. ;)