Saturday, September 12, 2009

Over a month since my last post.

Ever since the Nikon died (and I have yet to get it fixed), it's been hard to work up the energy to blog. It's all about the pictures!

It's been a long month. The weather went from torrid to cool in a matter of a week or so. Haru and the cats love it and they're getting much more energetic. It's time to start hitting the mountains hard before the start of the season in November.

Haru's weighing in at just over 13kgs. She's filled out a bit in the past month. Was looking a little scrawny and leggy for a while there. Her coat's not quite there yet, still coming in. Am pretty much waiting on that to decide whether or not I'll enter her in the Tenrankai next month.

Her prey drive is growing by the day, and she's quite impressive when she gets in hunt mode. At the moment it's still all about small mammals, have yet to see about the big pigs. Still a bit clumsy at times, she jumped into a wall instead of over it tonight. Got right back up and jumped over it though. Guess it's good in that it reminds me she's still a 7 month old pup.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is going real well in regards to her temperament, reactions, energy levels, health. Couldn't have asked for much more in a dog. She's appropriately balanced in most everything. Not to soft, not too sharp, with people or other dogs. She guards the house, but not obsessively, is very calm indoors, and turns it on once were out in the woods.

Still 7 months, guess we'll see where we go from here!

Adding video of a friend's Kai. They're both working dogs, excellent boar hunters.


  1. That's a neat vid! Is the dog that does the jumping a full Kai?

  2. Yup, purebred Kai. She's getting a bit old, but still going strong.