Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Jeep


  1. hi,
    are you solo hunter?
    if you have a high lift jack, i think that you were able to escape by yourself.
    enjoy solo hunting!

  2. Shigs, you're totally nuts! Hahahaha. Lucky it didn't go all the way down that cliff side.

  3. Boartearer, thanks for the comment.

    I didn't have a high lift with me, but even if I did, the main problem was mud. There was a hill in front of the jeep that I spent 2 hours trying to get up. Too much mud even for a Jimny.

    And yes, I hunt solo.

    Aiki: the way my luck's been rolling recently I half expected to end up rolling to the bottom of the mountain.

  4. Yeah Kei cars just don't have the horse power for serious off roading, that looks like some serious mud there though and you would need some heavy duty off road tires to get through that.