Friday, July 17, 2009


So I've had a string of iffy luck recently.

Got ticketed at the end of June while picking up the wife from a bar.

Got the jeep stuck in the mountains.

My body seems to be collapsing under work related stress.

My Nikon decided to give up the ghost on the day we were driving down to my brother in law's wedding.

I'm hoping it ends here, cause I'm getting worn out.

No cam = No pictures for the blog.

Well not too much going on at the moment. Haru has gone into heat though. Caught me off guard as she's just under 6 months. She's a bit out of sorts, but nothing too strange. She's growing by the day so everyone'll probably be surprised when I get the Nikon back and you see how she looks now.

Till then...

EDIT: My sister in law took some pictures the other day and just sent me the files. So we've ended up with a few pictures.


  1. Wow, does that mean she could in theory reproduce at 6 months? Tough luck, but it's gotta get worse B4 it gets any better. Have a beer or 3 & listen to crickets!

  2. In theory yes. Apparently it's been a nightmare for my wife walking her around the neighborhood with all the dogs trying to have a go at her.

    As far as the fluids go, I'm working on a diaper solution suggested to me by a friend.