Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love spring in Japan, the cherry blossoms, those first warm breezy days.

It's all part of a plan to lull you into a stupor before the rainy season arrives to wash every last thought of blue skies away.

But hey, I enjoy every last minute of spring, and from the looks of it, the bass in my local river do too. I just thought I'd spend a few minutes fishing on my way home from the hardware store. I got to my favorite bridge, set up the rod, picked out my lucky black minnow lure and... nothing.

After a few minutes I noticed all the bass frolicking around in the shallows upstream, with no interest whatsoever in getting caught by some fisherman and hauled out of the river. Guess it's that wonderful time of the year for them.

I sat down for a few minutes watching a king fisher on the other side of the river (contemplating my luck at being born a human --imagine having sex only once a year) before heading back to my jeep and home. I could have had a field day with a spear, or I guess, if I were a bear...

It's not just the bass. Every week I hear about new Kai pup litters from breeder friends, and on the other side of the coin, about the unwanted pups picked up off the street by rescues. Today's picture is of a beautiful pup I just heard about today that is up for adoption.

He looks like a husky mix, and will probably grow to be a medium sized dog. His name's Mac, and here's his blog for anyone interested.


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