Thursday, November 4, 2010

The past week

Thanks for all the interest in and mails about the Shikoku pups. All have been accounted for. I will try to post as more litters become available.

I've had a fun busy week filled with Kai pups. A friend from the States came over and picked up 4 of them, and now the house is very quiet. It's sad, but I think the neighbors will be pleased. I've been getting a lot of flack recently, and it's been wearing me down a bit.

For everyone waiting for pictures and video from the KKA (Kai Ken Aigokai) Tenrankai, it was postponed till the 7th due to an unseasonal typhoon. So hopefully I'll make it up there this Sunday, and be able to post about it. The postponement was rather lame as the gentleman from the States came over specifically to attend the Tenrankai. We did manage to get some visits in to some kennels, and walked the mountains together as well.

I really didn't get around to taking many pictures, and the only ones I did take were pretty unimpressive, but a post without pictures is too much black and white for me, so here goes.

At Tenro Kensha having 'yakiniku' for lunch. Thanks Okabe-san!



Tatsu, a male hunting Kishu.



A crap shot of Haru, but you get to see her brindle.



  1. I see Brad!!! LOL

    Hope you guys had fun Shigeru :) ~

  2. Hey, I recognize the guy from the States! Too bad he mised the Tenrankai, but then that gives him another reason to revisit and pick up some more pups. :-) Maybe his wonderful wife will be able to go then, and the two can experience their first Tenrankai together! :-)

  3. I hope Brad had a blast, did you guys get to go on a little hunt? Definately a great beginning to improving the Kai blood lines here in the U.S.

  4. I had a great trip and met some really nice people (and dogs)! Shigs is an awesome host, thanks so much for having me! :o)

  5. We had a bit of fun, and a lot of walking. I'm used to it, but I was afraid we were boring Brad, haha.