Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lap Jumping

Hadn't posted a video in a while, so took a short one of Haru and I playing around. We're in the middle of a move at the moment (again!). This time we're settling in for the long haul (hopefully!). I get the keys to the new place in a few days.

I haven't done much training with Haru for a while, so she's a bit rusty. As ever though, she loves obedience work. To her it's play time.


  1. That's so cute! She's so eager to give you kisses :)

  2. Dude Haru is so good! Your not a b-ball player by chance are you? If so we are playing when I come back! All 4 years on varsity b-ball team in high school and played hood b-ball in my ghetto neighborhood.

  3. Gen, I played a lot of ball as a teenager, even got offered a scholarship, but got injured. I used to play quite a bit, but have slowed down a bit recently. We should hit the court when you get over here!