Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Kai pups

More pictures of the 2 female pups and their parents. The dam is Megu, she placed 4th at the last Tenrankai, and the sire is Riki who took overall champion.


  1. SHIGERU!!!! You are KILLING me!!!

    Send some pups to those of us across the pond :p LOL

  2. I love Kai pups. I've seen a lot of pups recently, including a lot of Shikoku, but I think Kai pups take the cake when it comes to cuteness.

  3. I think Kai puppies tend to be "cuter" than Shikoku puppies as they look more "puppyish."

    Shikoku puppies look "old" & not really like puppies, even tho they're cute.

    Kai also are chubby round little things :p ~