Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy days

Video from today. We took a walk to the park after the rain let up.

You can see her right side is a lot lighter than usual. She's in the middle of a coat change, and something we've come in contact with recently has irritated her to where she's chewed through the outer layer of her coat.

Went to the vet this morning for her monthly heartworm meds, vet said we'll give her a bit more time and see how her coat does this next week.


  1. What a wonderful dog! It is interesting to get to know more about this breed. I have never seen a Kai Ken live. Here in Germany there is probably no only one. I admire the courage with which the Japanese dogs go hunting!
    Greetings from Bavaria :)

  2. Hello, Shippo.

    Thanks for the comment! And it's great to meet you.