Sunday, August 2, 2009


Title probably should be 'Haru gets into more trouble.'

Took her to the mountains the other day, and on our way home stopped near some rice fields to have lunch. There's a serious crop damage issue locally, so pretty much all the rice fields are ringed with electric fencing.

Puppies don't really listen too well when they're lunging after frogs. She was on leash, but finally got a good lunge in and hit the fence. There was much yelping and panic as she went into crazy mode.

After that she listened to me when I said no as she moved toward the fencing.

Well I ended up having to call the land owner to have the fence fixed as she stretched some of it when she hit it. Wouldn't want the piggies getting into the fields on my account.

Meh hopefully a good learning experience, maybe will teach her to stay away from rice fields when we're hunting. Haru is crazy about mud...

Must to fix Nikon to take pictures!

This here is a video (courtesy of youtube) taken at sunrise in one of the areas I hunt.

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